Monday, May 25, 2009

The Junky's Christmas

pe Burroughs l-am cunoscut prin Naked Lunch... evident :)

putin mai tarziu, curios, ascultam rezumatul lui Pagan despre cartea autobiografica...

iar zilele trecute... am cautat lucrarile lui ecranizate... si am dat peste "The Junky's Christmas"

superb short

The Junky's Christmas is a 1993 short claymation film directed by Nick Donkin and Melodie McDaniel. William S. Burroughs wrote the story and narrates the film; he also appears in live-action footage at the beginning and end of the film. The story originally appeared in the 1989 collection Interzone and the recording of Burroughs reading the story was also released on the CD Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

before we die

o muzica cu totul speciala .. preponderent cu nuante de downtempo si psybient.
ceai negru ... si lumea lui Somnus.
cam asta-i programul pntru seara de azi )

Sunkings from the UK is finally out with their third album after many years in the music business.
Sunkings was an early forward-thinking techno/IDM group, which started as a trio in 1990 by
Jay Paine, Paul N. Davies and Michael Bluemink.

After several releases on a self-financed label, they gained attention of 808 State, which resulted
in the recording of the Return of the Killer Rays EP for 808's own Creed Records in 1991. Hugh Ashton
replaced Michael Bluemink around that time, just before the trio signed to GPR, which released their
first album entitled Hall Of Heads in 1994. The album earned plaudits from Brian Eno and John Peel.
They also brought Taz Alexander into their studio, for female vocals. Taz later also joined Juno Reactor,
after Ben Watkins heard her works for Sunkings. After GPR went under, the group switched to the
increasingly respected Blue Room Released label, which released their second album Soul Sleeping.
Now they are back with an album full of beautiful variation and fantastic vocals by Taz Alexander,
on Chill Tribe Records.

Sunkings - Before We Die (2009)
trip-hop, downtempo, psybient, new wave

VBR 192-320 kbps
60:55 min


Hallucinogen - Strangled Cat

2008. Unreleased.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yes u can )

din nou prefixul Dj :) de data aceasta insa - Dj Vadim - cu noul album )
atentia mi-a atras 1 piesa.... cover la 5nizza - soldat
suna foarte nice )

DJ Vadim (aka Vadim Peare) is a prolific DJ and producer, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, raised in London and currently residing in both New York and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, whose music combines hip hop, soul, reggae and electronica. He has been described as "one of the few artists creating genuinely new work in the Hip-Hop field"[1] and an artist who "cannot be ignored".

DJ Vadim composes both music for MCs, singers and poets and soulful instrumental hip-hop beats. In both cases, certain stylistic trends emerge;

Dominating rhythmic percussion, heavy use of drum programming which are sometimes broken or stuttering, heavy bass and synthesizer use.
-Organic, soulful touches often using studio musicians, with undertones of roots reggae and ragga and driving, hip-hop drum orchestration.
-Original sounding compositions, arrangements that fuse many genres from hip-hop and electronica to soul and reggae.
-Heavy use of ethnic sounds, including Asian, South American and African.

DJ Vadim - U Can't Lurn Imaginashun (2009)
trip-hop, downtempo, electronic, abstract hip-hop

VBR 192-320 kbps
72:25 min


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lost and found

nu demul am fost printre cei afectati de fobia fata de prefixul Dj.
stupida sablonare sub ceva 'ieftin' si ocazional :)

pana in zua in care a venit Dj. Shadow .. iar putin mai tarziu si Krash..

azi inca o confirmare in persoana lui Laurent Daumail ... Dj. Cam

downtempo scaldat in jazz.. ce a migrat de pe in playlistul meu :)

Parisian hip-hop devotee Laurent Daumail is one of a few but growing number of French artists updating hip-hop for the chill-out crowd, drawing on the beats’n’samples groundwork of producers such as Rakim, DJ Premier, and Prince Paul and combining it with broad, impressionistic strokes of dub, jazz, and soundtrack-y ambience. Like countrymen the Mighty Bop and la Funk Mob, Cam is stylistically closest to Mo’Wax artists such as DJ Shadow and DJ Krush; minimalist, downbeat instrumental hip-hop built from obscure samples and stomp-box turntable accompaniment, bent and twisted into new, artfully arranged compositions.

Dj Cam - Lost and found (2008)
trip-hop, downtempo, acid jazz

V2 158 kbps
37:25 min

Sunday, May 3, 2009

language symbolique

o dimineata... in sfarsit..dimineata )))
dulce calduta si tripanta
aerul e plin de TC .. ceai .. putin tutun
si language symbolique :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


insomnia capituleaza :) .. receta fiind simpla de tot:
lapte+ miere+ dcd + un soare calduts, dulce si responsabil pntru cocktailul asta :)
nb ><

Across the sea lies the fountain of renewal
Where you will see the whole cause of your loneliness
Can be measured in dreams that transcend all these lies
And I wish, and I pray that there may come a day
For a saviors arms..

Leaf - Rooted From Within (2009)

ar cam fi timpul pntru somn :)
cu o mcia intarziere.. cu bioceasul imprumutat de la Dali.. si cu ramasite de curcubeu stranse intre foi...

not bad..not bad :)

responsabilitatea pntru backgroundul calatoriei preconizata spre Somnus.. cade pe Leaf :)

Leaf is a collaboration between Steve Wick, DJ Eric Dove and members of Biogliphic, 32nd Kalpa, Blunt Force, and other Dallas, TX area producers. A melding of dirty hip hop rhythm, crystalline melodies, insane sampling, and smooth organic instrumentation. Consistently dark and weighty, Leaf’s compositions bring to mind some of the best abstract trip hop artists , but their keen sense of place and mood, and unexpected uplifting moments set Leaf apart as something worth noticing

Leaf - Rooted From Within (2009)
trip-hop, downtempo

CBR 320 kbps
65:51 min

dejavu :)

attachment perfect pntru seara de azi )