Monday, August 29, 2011

Sin Smiley - Streets Of Night (2011)

Ceva timp in urma constient ignoram orice produs muzical aparut in Russia, Ukraina si inca cateva state estice, cu oameni frumosi insa cu o cultura muzicala moderna mediocra.
Iar in timp ce eu continuam sa ignor, la ei se nasteau primele incercari de a produce trip-hop si downtempo autohton. Nu vroiam sa particip la metamorfoza, ci sa trec direct la un produs testat de timp si intarit prin experienta. "Produsul" nu a intarziat mult timp. A inceput cu Long Arm, iar apoi au urmat mai multe, surprinzand prin nivelul sunetului si beaturi tripante.

Sin Smiley e noul nume in lumea mea muzciala si se pare ca singurul artist trip-hop in extrem orientul rus, din orasul Habarovsk. Un artist fascinant si modest; uman si simpatic. Muzica vie si sincera ce balanseaza intre un downtempo fin si un chillout instrumental.

ps. Revenind la modestia si simpatia artistului:
"Ну что ребят, с момента выхода моей первой и на данный момент последней сольной работы Streets of Night (релиз состоялся 27.06.2011, однако объявление авторской раздачи произошло 12.07.2011, только после этого и начали появляться первые комментарии) прошло чуть более пары недель, начну пожалуй со слов слушателей и артсовета.
Первым человеком, оценившим новый материал был мой хороший знакомый и частично сенсей Revolted Child из проекта Pitch Razahs. Так вот, Олег сказал, что музыка ему понравилась, она очень интересная и по сравнению с предыдущим релизом показала, насколько можно вырасти за полгода, постоянно экспериментируя со звуком (ну и конечно сменив программу "звука вёдер" на более профессиональную=)). Тем не менее, как технарь он не смог не заметить недочеты в обработке звуке и общий непрофессионализм, но смог тут же ободрить, сказав, что это все решаемо в дальнейшем прогрессе. Хочу сказать, что мнение Олега остается для меня одним из важнейших до сих пор.
Улыбнула цитата участника артсовета, заявившего, что я слишком далеко ушел в степь от классического бристоль-саунда, не забыв упомянуть общую унылость, монотонность, хотя в описании было указано, что это уже не такой уж и трип-хоп... Тем не менее я благодарен ему и за такое мнение, т.к. это не помешало большинству думающих своими извилинами людей скачать альбом и оценить by themself. Возможно последущие мои работы понравятся тов. рецензору больше."

Sin Smiley - Streets Of Night (2011)

Trip-hop, Instrumental, Downtempo
320 kbps
30 min

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Jojo Effect - Marble Tunes (2011)

"Simply said wearing rose tinted glasses, turns a blind eye to the world and puts one into a happy mood! This is the third album by Lounge project JoJo Effect "marble tunes" it is happy and full of life that inevitably sets you into a good mood. Soft Latin rhythms, jolly Electric Swing, sumptuous lush chill-out beats and groovy NuJazz provides you for a sunny holiday atmosphere. The stress disappears and you see yourself sitting in a convertible, elbows relaxed, fingers on the steering wheel driving towards the sun. Roll Sixteen colorful Marbles swinging through time and space, from living room to a Swing Palace, that dramatic silent film, that relaxed sunset scenario in Technicolor, from easy going to hanging out in extreme relaxation. Put your hands up In the air JoJo Effect is "marble tunes" full of passion pure in its mission: to conjure up a broad grin on the faces of their listeners. In addition to the dynamic music, there are the exceptional singers being Soul Sister Bajka, Power-Singer Brenda Boykin, Jazz Crooner Iain Mackenzie and of course Anne Schnell, the vocal heart of JoJo Efect. "Marble tunes" is a musical spa package, which can recommend any good doctors and pharmacists to safely brighten any ones mood."(c)

Jojo Effect - Marble Tunes(2011)

Nu-Jazz, Chillout, Downtempo
ChinChin Records
320 kbps
67:12 min

Friday, August 26, 2011

VA - Nightmares on Wax Presents Wax da Beach (2011)

Dupa minunatele 3 volume de "Nightmares On Wax presents Wax On records", labelul ne bucura cu o compilatie spectaculoasa in care cu placere am surprins pe Gelka, Guts, Bonobo, Nightmares on Wax si alti creatori de sunete downtempo.

Imi intind corpul, lasandu-l sa para o panza de corabie.. lenesa si nepasatoare.. insa care cu placere urmareste de sus luciul apei si corabiile plictisite.
Sunetul din boxe suprima sistemele de racire si orice alte generatoare de zgomot de oficiu.
Briza oceanica a acoperit tot biroul cu nisip alb si curat, iar soarele e pe care sa apuna..
E vineri si sutnem gata de tripul in Ibiza.
Trip in stilul Wax da Beach :)

"Mixed by Nightmares on Wax. Leeds born DJ E.A.S.E aka George Evelyn aka Nightmares on Wax has out together a compilation fuelled solely by the soothing slow jam sounds of Wax da Beach. The Wax da Beach parties started when George moved to Ibiza and discovered a gap within the alternative dance scene, a need for something else – that something else was Wax da Beach. Each track on the two disk compilation was carefully chosen, embodying the very essence of Ibiza's weekly Wax da Beach party."

VA - Nightmares on Wax Presents Wax da Beach (2011)

Trip-Hop, Downtempo
Ministry of Sound
320 kbps
131:55 min

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Carbon based lifeforms - VLA (2011)

bonus la albumul precedent- trackul VLA extins la 60 min

"Immersive and hypnotic drone, [ VLA ] is the soundtrack to your inner excursions. The complete and original work is composed by Johannes Hedberg from Göteborg, Sweden."(c)

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twentythree (2011)

Album diferit de celelalte releasuri create de CBL. Pure ambient. Cu mai putine ritmuri tripante, cu un ton melancolic, imbibat cu "tristete cosmica", insa la fel de interesant si fermecator.

Si din nou.. Ultimae Records.

"This is the densest that Gothenburg's Carbon Based Lifeforms have ever sounded. Their previous output all the way back to the Notch incarnation traded on electronic sound with a very definite pulse, whether it was beats, underlying melody or sequences. TWENTY THREE is not so much a primal u-turn but an insular indulgence in layers of ambient sound that have previously been at the base of Carbon Based Lifeforms creations, not as a sonic shroud around them.
The title, TWENTYTHREE, is suggestive of everything from a numerologist’s wet dream to some in-joke or other. With this album, it no doubt refers to the width of the binary message sent out to some hopeful star cluster by the Arecibo Telescope in 1974. Unsurprisingly, the first track is entitled ARECIBO and it emulates a kind of meandering strobe of condensed sparsity and not the signals and waveforms you might expect ( This was the approach taken by Arecibo aka Lustmord on the ambient classic TRANS PLUTONIAN TRANSMISSIONS in 1994 ). Here, the hypothetical sound of the environment the signal passes through ( and not the signal itself ) is the subject. Occasional flourishes drifting in a distant part of the mix still manage to make this singular drone sound very much like Carbon Based Lifeforms as we know them. SYSTEM sheds some of the tonal weight of the 9 minute opener and bathes in random diffusions, oscillations and other fragments of audio spaghetti. SOMEWHERE IN RUSSIA opens with an airy rhythm and an indecipherable voice like a public announcement at some point of human transport. This gives way to a layered swell of slow drones and airy synths in a progression which is more acquainted with previous recorded output. The expectation here is that it will take off into a trademark Carbon Based Lifeforms sequence but it never does. TERPENE is more porous, allowing melody and even a hint of a rhythm to cut through the density to familiar sonic ground. INERTIA’s frosty layer of ambience with reverberating drips and dribbles glides like a sonic leak and a hypnotic thaw all in one. VLA ( VLA is the Radio Astronomy Observatory, in New Mexico – or in layman’s terms - that place with all the huge white satellite dishes in the desert that pops up in movies all the time ) is presented here in a 10 minute edited form. Like ARECIBO, it is one of the album’s dark moments guessing at an impervious ambience of vast space. For the adventurous soul, a one hour edit of this track was released round about the same time as the album. For this wretch’s ill gotten gains, the album provides a much more satisfying listen and the annexed release seems a little unnecessary. KENSINGTON GARDENS, an odd trajectory given the bulk of subject matter here, is based on field recordings and contrasts previous tracks with it’s terrestrial airflow, wind chimes, distant birds, traffic and even the odd hint of human offspring playing. HELD TOGETHER BY GRAVITY is the requiem, resolutely providing a tone of melancholy and bringing it all together, although whether there’s some greater message or concept contained herein is unclear, astray somewhere in the enigmatic throes of sound."

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twentythree (2011)

Downtempo, Ambient
Ultimae Records
inre047 France
320 kbps
66:26 min

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Friday, August 19, 2011

IamOmni - IamOMNI [produced by: Tricky] (2011)

"The prolific, globetrotting Los Angeles emcee and vocalist, IAMOMNI presents his defining work. IAMOMNI is produced by the British musical visionary, Tricky who strips the trip-hop sound he created alongside Massive Attack and Portishead and on solo albums like Maxinquaye and Pre-Millennium Tension, down to a lean, sinewy hybrid of hip-hop, rock, dubstep and new wave, all intercut with heady, atmoshperic vocals from singers Tiki Lewis and Kassia Conway. Recorded between Los Angeles and Paris, IAMOMNI also features Japan's premier emcee Shingo2, and Suffa from Australia's hip-hop crew Hilltop Hood, rounding out an album every bit as global as the struggle has become. As we fashion the future from the rubble of the 20th century, our hearts and minds are the frontline of the new war, and the enemy has become part of us. IAMOMNI is IAMOMNI's call to arms for the youth to claim control of themselves, and to understand that in a world where nothing seems real, they are the only thing left that is."

IamOmni / IamOMNI produced by: Tricky (2011)

Alternative, Grime, Trip-Hop
33:50 min

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