Monday, April 1, 2013

Rhian Sheehan - Stories From Elsewhere (2013)

muzica pe care prefer sa o iau in calatoriile spre solitudine )

"Rhian Sheehan’s new album continues his search for higher musical ground, away from the electronica tag that hung over his early work as the first artist to release a full-length album for the Loop label. In fact what is consistent about Sheehan’s music is that each album improves on the overall sonic, each album builds on the ideas first hinted at on the record it follows. .. Ultimately Stories From Elsewhere might seem less cohesive than Standing In Silence but I hear it as more expressive, the screen is wider, the lens captures more. Standing In Silence was reflections on the same shot; the same scene. This is a series of vignettes, they take their power from working together as separate vestiges, different feels, different focuses. As such I think it’s the finest thing Rhian Sheehan has done (so far). I like that he improves with each album – and redefines his sound with each album. Stories From Elsewhere contains so much heart and soul. It has the power to blow you away." (c)

Rhian Sheehan - Stories From Elsewhere (2013)

ambient, cinematic drone, ethereal, downtempo New Zealand

320 kbps
49:19 min